sea songs

… interactive installation … sea songs is an installation that will be played by the sea according to the movement of the waves. these movements will be captured by sensors that will move the instrument arcs according to the intensity of water that covers them. as the arcs move and meet each other in the same rotation axis, the small metal bars will be played, like a music box. the changes on the sensors values will produce a generative song.

deus ex machina

… digital drawing … cover art for the album ‘deus ex machina’, by paralaxe. … the expression ‘deus ex machina‘ refers to a plot device used by greek artists to solve impossible problems in their story. … many lyrics from the album have religious references used in quite unusual ways. this cover refers to one of them. … click on image to enlarge. …

historias y juguetes

… interactive installation … commissioned installation for ‘dialectos digitales’ festival (la paz, bolivia – august, 2009) created by me, patricia moran and nacho duran. … inside the south america map there’s a wii remote that sends information via bluetooth to a computer. a patch in vvvv plays videos, change their parameters and apply some effects according to the variations in the position x, y, z of the map. the result is projected on a 12×3 screen using 3 beamers.


… custom interface | audio instrument … the drumpad uses cheap elements like cans and car antennas to control a audio software (ableton live). the circuit was made using an arduino board that sends data to the computer. … video sample: … afterwards, I completed the pad with these two toys. when the button is pressed, the arms of the monkey touch each other and the sound is generated. …


… custom interface | visual instrument … using wii remote as a wireless device, i developed a patch in vvvv to control tridimensional objects in real time via bluetooth. each movement in the controller changed objects parameters like rotation, speed, position, camera movement, etc. also all the wii buttons were assigned to specific functions. … in this case, the objects controlled were tridimensional textured gears. … this instrument was used on a live performance for the opening of Festival Cine BH, in Belo Horizonte, october 2008. … here there’s a video of the instrument working: …


… installation … ‘alone’ is an interactive audiovisual installation that deals with the theme of loneliness in a subtle and metaphorical way. using only abstract images, the work suggests changing emotions that are modified  according to the proximity of the viewer. … when there’s nobody near, the installation pulses slowly, showing noisy images.  as someone gets closer to it the beats get faster and the images change its colours and shapes, until filling all the projected space. when the viewer goes away it comes back to its loneliness state. … video excerpt of the installation: … this video is…


… custom interface | audiovisual instrument … therementos is a theremin like instrument that is played moving your hands in the air, without touching it. according to the distance between the hands and the instrument it changes its pitch and volume. … the data coming from the sensors is converted into midi messages using a processing patch and the sounds are generated in Ableton Live. … watch a video here: …

midi controller

… custom interface … midi interface I built using a fader, knobs, buttons and arduino. midi bridge between circuit and computer was made in Processing. this midi controller can be connected to any midi based software and it controls analog and digital parameters.

laboratorio movel

… programming … programming and interactive concepts for a exhibition of the artist Sonia Labouriau. I developed with the artist the interactive concept of four interactive installations using cameras to track the visitors movements. This data was used inside a Max/Msp patch to change video parameters like position, play/stop, etc. … to watch some videos from the exhibition visit: …

butterfly effect

… interactive installation … the installation is composed by a hall of two meters width with two parallel screens of 4x2m. on the screens, images of people walking on a street are projected. when the visitor walks through the hall, a sensor measures his speed and changes the video velocity, so that both speeds are the same. if the person stops, the video stops playing; is he runs, the video does the same. after the visitor gets out of the corridor, the video returns to its own speed after a while.

New site

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