interactive installation

the installation is composed by a hall of two meters width with two parallel screens of 4x2m. on the screens, images of people walking on a street are projected. when the visitor walks through the hall, a sensor measures his speed and changes the video velocity, so that both speeds are the same. if the person stops, the video stops playing; is he runs, the video does the same. after the visitor gets out of the corridor, the video returns to its own speed after a while.

as suggested by its name, the installation illustrates the effect that someones action has on the others around him. human beings have a tendency of mirroring each other, imitating comportments and making it feel like they were created by himself. after that, he discriminates all that doesn’t follow this pattern. In this work, this behavior reaches its extreme, at the point that we can’t distinguish who’s imitating who. the people on the video are a reflex of the visitor, but the opposite is also true.


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