interactive installation

sea songs is an installation that will be played by the sea according to the movement of the waves. these movements will be captured by sensors that will move the instrument arcs according to the intensity of water that covers them. as the arcs move and meet each other in the same rotation axis, the small metal bars will be played, like a music box. the changes on the sensors values will produce a generative song.

many of this sets can be built creating a small ‘forest’ of audiovisual instruments that will played by the ocean. the objective of this installation is to build a sound and visual installation that will create a relaxing atmosphere that can be seen and heard by everyone that goes to the beach.

the sensor will change its value according to the amount of water that covers it. if the waves don’t reach them, the result is zero and the instrument is silent and still. as a wave reaches the sensor, its height is captured and sent to an arduino board, that will control the rotation of each arc. as the wave goes down, the water uncovers the sensor and it returns to its silent state. the sounds and positions of the arcs are generative and will never repeat.


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