interactive installation created by the ‘narval’ collective.

narval is a collective created by the artist Sonia Labouriau and the digital artist, musician and designer Henrique Roscoe. it seeks to create new possibilities in contemporary art through the exploration of new technologies. the use of sensors and programming combined with a strong conceptual basis generates works where interaction with the audience is always present, making the public’s participation a intrinsic part of the work.

‘como vai*?’ (something like ‘how is the*?’) is an interactive installation that attempts to draw a parallel between empirical data about something or some situation and people’s views on personal issues related to this. the work seeks to place side by side two indicators from different sources, questioning the relationship between what is shown in the mass media about a situation and the views of ordinary people about it.

two interactive flower shaped objects will be built: one will receive data from the web with economic indicators while the other will be modified by the public’s response to questions displayed on a display, by tapping into one of two sensors placed on the floor beside the interactive flower. We had chosen the daisy like format not only because it is a common and easily recognizable flower, but also refers to the game “love me, loves me not” that, like the work in question, answers a intimate and personal question.  ‘como vai*?’ uses the radial structure of the icon ‘*’ and its resemblance to the daisies flowers.

in this edition of ‘como vai*?’ the public answers the question ‘How is the *?’, inserted in an LCD display next to the wheel interactive. the character ‘*’ will be replaced by words that lead the viewer to question his personal situation. for example, how are you? how’s life? how’s Brazil?, etc… by pressing one of two sensors, the brightness of the wheel changes. the other daisy changes its brightness by stock market data received in real-time via web. the flowers are initially adjusted to an average brightness, each interaction changes the brightness of the interactive object slightly, increasing or decreasing its brightness in a cumulative way. in order to reach the maximum and minimum brightness, a very large number of interactions is needed.

‘como vai*?’ seeks to make visible reflections of the relational space of public places. ‘relational space’ is understood here as the dynamic system of interactions between people in a given situation. the relational space is not a visible area, but it’s full of power, and it is perceived indirectly by its effects (and causes). this space creates gaps that have nothing to do with the physical space that ‘specific people’ in a ‘specific situation’ usually share, and these distances may create possibilities(and / or impossibilities) or facilities (and / or difficulties).


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