I’m starting a new project about analog audiovisual synthesizers using Arduino. This is the first prototype, alpha 0.2 version. … … this video was the first test of my analog arduino video synth. by now, it has only one knob changing the width of the image. on the second part of the video, I capture the images from the camera into resolume, to add colours and effects.


… interactive installation … valley is a physical-geographic term used to characterize a depression area surrounded by mountains. these geological formations can be protected by the barriers created by the mountains around them, or, on the other hand, be suffocated by them. … this installation takes this concept borrowed to make an analogy with behavior and the relationship between people. as the valleys, humans sometimes also put themselves in a comfortable position, with an apparent protection that would be given by others that surround him. constructed from friends, relatives or even strangers, these imaginary barriers of protection may also have…


… interactive installation … the work deals with the shyness and its impact on both the shy person and on those around him. the shy guy in this case is a machine that is inside a room with low light. he sings and produces images, but only while there’s no one near. … when someone enters the room, these sounds and images become increasingly less amplified – according to the proximity of the person in relation to the machine – until they stop completely. thus, the viewer can only see and hear what the machine is doing if he is…

como vai*?

… interactive installation created by the ‘narval’ collective. … narval is a collective created by the artist Sonia Labouriau and the digital artist, musician and designer Henrique Roscoe. it seeks to create new possibilities in contemporary art through the exploration of new technologies. the use of sensors and programming combined with a strong conceptual basis generates works where interaction with the audience is always present, making the public’s participation a intrinsic part of the work. … ‘como vai*?’ (something like ‘how is the*?’) is an interactive installation that attempts to draw a parallel between empirical data about something or some…

sea songs

… interactive installation … sea songs is an installation that will be played by the sea according to the movement of the waves. these movements will be captured by sensors that will move the instrument arcs according to the intensity of water that covers them. as the arcs move and meet each other in the same rotation axis, the small metal bars will be played, like a music box. the changes on the sensors values will produce a generative song.

historias y juguetes

… interactive installation … commissioned installation for ‘dialectos digitales’ festival (la paz, bolivia – august, 2009) created by me, patricia moran and nacho duran. … inside the south america map there’s a wii remote that sends information via bluetooth to a computer. a patch in vvvv plays videos, change their parameters and apply some effects according to the variations in the position x, y, z of the map. the result is projected on a 12×3 screen using 3 beamers.


… custom interface | audio instrument … the drumpad uses cheap elements like cans and car antennas to control a audio software (ableton live). the circuit was made using an arduino board that sends data to the computer. … video sample: http://vj.1mpar.com/drum.htm … afterwards, I completed the pad with these two toys. when the button is pressed, the arms of the monkey touch each other and the sound is generated. …


… custom interface | audiovisual instrument … therementos is a theremin like instrument that is played moving your hands in the air, without touching it. according to the distance between the hands and the instrument it changes its pitch and volume. … the data coming from the sensors is converted into midi messages using a processing patch and the sounds are generated in Ableton Live. … watch a video here: http://vj.1mpar.com/therementos.htm …

midi controller

… custom interface … midi interface I built using a fader, knobs, buttons and arduino. midi bridge between circuit and computer was made in Processing. this midi controller can be connected to any midi based software and it controls analog and digital parameters.